New Books!

Well I wanted to get this blog started up but didn’t know what to write about first, so I thought I’d share a couple new books I got in the mail with you!

The Jesus Quest: The Third Search for the Jew of Nazareth by Ben Witherington III

This book is basically a survey of modern Historical Jesus research, also known as the “Third Quest” for the Historical Jesus. Witherington is a Christian New Testament scholar and teaches at Asbury Theological Seminary. From what I hear, this is supposed to be an excellent introduction to the field, so I’m very excited!

Studying the Historical Jesus: A Guide to Sources and Methods by Darrell Bock

This is also supposed to be an introduction to the Historical Jesus research, although it’s not a survey of the recent literature. I’m pretty sure Darrell Bock, who teaches New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary, is quite a bit more conservative than Witherington, so I’m interested to see what he has to say.

Along with these two books I recently ordered The Jesus Legend by Paul Eddy and Gregory Boyd, which is the book I’ve been looking forward to the most out of these three, so maybe I’ll get through it really quickly and post a review of it. Anyways, thanks for reading my first blog post and check back again so you can read the amazing things I have to say!


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